About the HERA Study:

Innovating the Path for Alport syndrome

The HERA study is a clinical trial for the investigational drug RG-012. HERA is a Phase II study designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of RG-012 compared to placebo in patients with Alport syndrome.

In the HERA study, eligible Alport syndrome participants will be assigned to receive the investigational drug RG-012 or placebo. The study treatment will be assigned randomly (like flipping a coin) with two-thirds of the participants assigned to RG-012 (either 110 mg or 220 mg) and the other one-third to placebo. Neither the participant nor the doctor will know what study treatment has been assigned. Both RG-012 and placebo will be given as a weekly injection for 24 weeks. Travel and lodging assistance is available as well as in-home visits.

Participants that complete the 24 weeks may be eligible to continue in another clinical trial called the extension study. All participants will receive RG-012 during the extension study even if they were taking placebo during the HERA study.

Contact a location near you to learn about the HERA study if you:

  • Are between the ages of 18 and 65; and
  • Have been diagnosed with Alport syndrome

You are not qualified for this study if you:

  • Have received a kidney transplant
  • Are currently on dialysis

To locate your nearest study center, please use the site locator. The study team will contact you to review the study requirements and discuss whether you may be eligible to participate.